Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Smacksy February Happy Good Things Thing - Day 25

My softest t-shirt for sleeping.

This is one you will plan today and execute tomorrow.
You're going to wear your favorite piece(s) of clothing.
It doesn't matter if you already wore it this week.
What makes you feel the best?

Athlesuire wear? Sounds good.
That great sweater Nana knit for you? Glorious.
Storm Trooper costume? Go get 'em tiger.
Pajamas? Delightful.
The beautiful cocktail dress you only got to wear once? Perfect.
Swimsuit? Really? Ok, sure.
Fluffy spa robe? You know who you are.
Wedding dress? Naturally.
The suit that makes you feel like a boss? Boss.
Jeans and that hoodie that has the teddy-bear ears? Swell.
Softball uniform? Love that.
Birthday suit? Hope you work from home.

You get the idea. Grab that one thing that makes you feel comfy or confident or pampered or funny or hugged or sparkly. Wear it and enjoy.

Get happy.
See you tomorrow.

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