Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Fourth of July

I strolled through the park on my way to grab a seat to watch the parade this morning. (I was going to write I "walked" but when you're making your way through a beautiful park, I think it's an automatic "stroll.")

Mr. Rosenberg and Bob continued their long tradition of being in the parade. They marched and performed a quick number from The Greatest Showman with a group of dads and kids. None of us has seen that movie yet so it wasn't until this evening that we found out that's what they had actually been doing. Details.

When it got dark we sat on blankets in the high school football field and watched the firework show. Mr. Rosenberg and I took turns naming the fireworks.

"I call that one, The Screamer."

"That's The Fluffy Sparkler."

"Hey! It's The Super Twister."

"That's the Wonderful World of Disney Opening Sequence, Circa 1969."

And next fourth of July, I hope we get to do it all over again.


  1. Sounds like such Fun, we opted out this 4th of July to go see Fireworks, it was still 108 at Nightfall and nobody felt 100% so dragging them all out to any Event just didn't seem like 'Fun' and they all preferred to stay Home and just gel this year. I do miss seeing the Fireworks, but a lot were cancelled or done early due to our State Drought and some even replaced Fireworks with Drone Light Displays this year.