Friday, January 24, 2020

April 23, 1944

April 23, 1944

Hello Darling Puss,

Really feeling tops and I do mean tops - received some letters from you. Thanks for Dorothy's (Lee's sister) address. I guess you know she sent a box of candy and a cigarette lighter. The candy was good - salt water taffy but it won't out do the chocolate. If you can get a hold of some that will fit into a cigar box, send some to me, will you?

I am terrible at remembering dates and anniversaries as a rule, but there are a few that stick in my mind and of course one of those is meeting you. Seems like we never do get to celebrate it like we want to but still it is something I shall always remember. Look what it brought to me. A lifetime of of happiness and joy to make my life complete. I love you very much Puss, with all of me.

Received several pictures of mother and the house and even one of the table set for when they were expecting me for dinner one time. They were good to see and I look at them quite often. And then the picture of you and Sandra came and I'm telling you my Sugar Puss, it's a good thing there are many miles of water between here and the states for it burns deep to come back. Gee, if I could take a plane back all the way it wouldn't get me there quick enough - what am I going to do? Have to keep going most of the time so I won't think too much about it. When I go for a walk in the evenings it helps quite a bit but I'm just looking around for things to tell you.

Puss I love you deeply,

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