Thursday, January 9, 2020

April 14, 1944

My grandmother, Melva. AKA Sugar Puss

Hello Puss,
I haven't been to London yet but I've visited several places of interest. One of these places was the moors. You have heard of them quite often I know for they have always said that they were so beautiful. They didn't exaggerate any either. The heather which is grass that grows on the moors is very thick and when you walk on it you think it is nothing more than a carpet with a nap of about four inches. The ground is almost always wet so it isn't so nice but to look and walk on it is something. All the fences here are stone and when you look at a mountainside you see green fields cut by brown lines which are the fences. Only a few places where there are forests do you ever see any underbrush of any kind. But I miss the sun not shining most every day and it is so damp here. Too I miss the wood houses and steel skyscrapers for everything here is made of stone and only two or three stories high. Nothing tall as in the states. But most of all I miss you.
Love ya heaps,

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