Thursday, April 16, 2020

May 18, 1944

May 18, 1944

Hello Sugar Puss,
We have been on the move again and there has not been much time to sit down and write as I wanted to do. Your letter was good to get and it almost makes tears come to my eyes when you tell me about baby Sandra. I love to hear about her and the cute things she does. I look at the pictures often.

You know Puss, I write when I can so don't wait 'til you hear from me to write. Your letters are about the only thing that keep me going at times so don't let me down. Gets lonesome as hell over here after the joy we've known and anticipate knowing again in our own place. I miss you truly and when your letters come, it's just as if you are here talking to me. I loves you Puss.

Better go for now -- continued tomorrow if chances are right.
Again Puss, I love you.

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