Friday, March 5, 2010

Night, Night

"Good night, Poops." I leaned down and kissed Bob on the forehead. He sat up suddenly and squinted at me.

“What is that on your face?” he said as he poked at a spot next to my lip.

“That’s called a blemish.”

“A blemish? Did you have the blemish when you were born? Like your beauty mark? Did you have a baby blemish and now it sits there on your face all the time? Was it there before? Where did it come from?”

“No I didn’t have it when I was born. It’s new and it won’t be there for long, I hope.”

“The blemish is red.”

“It is. Now it’s time to close your eyes.”

Bob continued to poke at my face. “Is it like a scab? What’s inside of it? Is it blood? Are there germs in there? When will it go away? Is it hurting you?”

“It doesn’t really hurt but your poking sort of does.”

“Sorry Mama. I will just pet it, not poke it.”

“No that’s, okay. No petting. It’s sleepy time so close your eyes.”

“If I close my eyes, I won’t be able to see my dreams.”

“You can only see your dreams with your eyes closed.”

“Oh… So can I rub your blemish?”

“No thanks, honey. It’s really time to go to sleep.”

“It’s a beautiful blemish. I love it because it is beautiful.”

“I love you, sweetheart. Sweet dreams.”

“Good night. I will hold my eyes closed now.” With just one eye open Bob reached up and gently patted the spot on my face. "Good night."


  1. OMG he is the king! Such a sweet boy and really good at procrastinating bed time.

  2. The prebedtime dances are always the best, especially when they make the unwanted blemishes a little sweeter :)

  3. I love looking at the world through Bob's eyes.
    I'm looking at my wrinkles with one eye closed........yeah it's going to take awhile to be Bob wise.

  4. Last night my 4 year old stroked my face (he's very affectionate when he's tired) and his hand stopped and hovered over one area.

    "Mom, there's a long hair right here. Why do you have a long hair right here? Where are you going, Mom? What are tweezers for?"

    Can I trade you my whisker for your blemish?

  5. You how you go to work with a new coif and people stop and say, "Hey, you got a haircut!" Like, duh! It's never, "I really like your new do." It's just sort of a statement of fact.

    French people do that with blemishes. "Hi Mr. Baker, may I please have a croissant and a pain au chocolat?" "Wow, well will you look at that zit!"

    And they don't have the excuse of being preschool aged.


  6. He's a champion staller. Do you think I can put off paying my taxes by rubbing my accountant's face?

  7. Now, if I could find a man forty years older than Bob who feels the same way about a blemish...ahh, that would be nice

  8. The other day Jonathan was bouncing off my butt.

    "You're butt soft," he said.

    I heard it as "your butt fat," but you know I said, "Hey, thanks a lot."

    And said, "But I love your soft butt!"

    Eh, it's better than, "I love your big belly!" which he told me one night.

  9. I included this in my round up of favorite posts I've read recently. Because it's awesome.