Monday, March 1, 2010


Bob and I are in the drive-thru line at In-N-Out Burger. Again.

“Bob, you want your usual?”

“Number two: Cheeseburger, plain cut in half, fries and a milk.”

“Got it.”

“Daddy said he was allergic to milk when he was a little boy.”

“That’s true.”

“But now he is not.”


“Were you a little girl when daddy was a little boy?”

“Sort of. I am older than daddy so I was an older girl when daddy was very little.”

“Where was I when you and daddy were little? Was I a little baby?”

“You weren’t born yet.”

“Where was I?”

“You were God’s new best idea, but he hadn’t made you yet.”

“So my parts weren’t put together then?”

“No not yet.”

“After my parts were put together, did I say thank you to God?”

“Maybe. I know I said thank you when your parts were put together. I still say thank you everyday.”


“Yes, Sir?”

“French fries are my favorite vegetable.”

“Me too.”


  1. Love your Bob conversations....I wish french fries were calorie free.

  2. Bob's conversations are some of the most unique ever. Parts and french fries.

  3. French Fries are MY favorite vegetable, too.

  4. LOVE that! "Did I say thank you to God?" So precious.

  5. is it weird that i got a little teary-eyed over that exchange? "god's new best idea"= sweetest answer.

  6. When I told my pediatrician that I'm afraid my kids never eat any vegetables, he said "Do they eat french fries?" and I said "Well, of course." and he said "Done." Which is why I keep going back to that same pediatrician. Who also happens to be my dad, so that's convenient but WHATEVER THE CASE, we've got permission.

  7. A conversation to change Bob's world and he will always remember that he likes french fries.

    At least you have documentation for his deep thoughts and you can torture him with them someday when he's a teenager.

  8. That is excellent. And, mmmmm, french fries.

  9. your kid talks about putting body parts together. I talk about my kid ripping them apart...hmmmm....

  10. Bob needs to run the president's council on nutrition and get those evil broccoli pushers outta there!

  11. mmm... french fries.

  12. Hi,
    Absolutely delightful! Bob is incredibly fortunate to have Lisa&Jeff as parents. This blog is amazing. I wish I could have one...
    Next time in LA, we must get together -- I have lots of stories to tell Bob.

    Love to all three of you,
    Ron (David B's dad)