Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Say Hello

Last December, I traveled to the town I grew up in to attend a memorial service. I was friends with Chris in high school and had reconnected with him in the past few years on Facebook. When he died it was unexpected. Those of us that knew him found it hard to wrap our brains around the idea that one of our peers had passed. He was funny and warm and now, missed.

Once a week or so, Facebook will shuffle Chris's profile photo into the sidebar of my homepage and suggest that I,
Reconnect with him
Share the latest news
Say hello.
And I always do.
And I like the reminder.


  1. I've wondered about what happens in the scenario. I like your response so much.

  2. It's interesting how the facebook phenomenon can affect lives.

    I'm sorry that your friend is gone, but clearly his memory continues.

  3. It's funny you should post this today because my best friend since high school is in the hospital right now. She had a blood clot that caused her heart to stop. I pray that she will recover completely and not become the first in our way-too-young class to be memorialized this way. If you are so inclined, maybe say a quick prayer, too?

    Thank you for this post, on this day in particular.

  4. So sorry about your loss but I'm glad you are able to reconnect, in some way at least.