Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Birthday Force

“Bob, let’s talk about your birthday party. What would you like to do?”


“Yes, I think cake will be an important feature. What kind of cake would you like?”

“We can have cupcakes but not with green icing.”

“Okay. Why not green icing?”

“Green icing will make your poops green.”

“How do you know this?”

“I just do, Mama. I do.”

“Does blue icing make your poops blue?”

“No. So any color is good, just no green.”

“Done. So I’m guessing you’re thinking Star Wars party?”

“Yes. With light sabers and a piƱata with things and candies and everything in it but enough for all of my friends to have things and also no green frosting.”

“Got it.”

“And you can dress like Princess Leia.”


“And daddy can be… Darth Vader is okay.”

“I think daddy dressed as Darth Vader might scare some of your friends.”

“Oh. Yes. We should all dress as good guys everyday. There are already enough bad guys out there.”

“Out where?”

“On earth. I’m from planet earth, Mama.”


  1. keep up Mamma! and don't forget NO green frosting!

  2. I love that. "I'm from planet earth, mama."

    I love it when their lines between their lives and their characters become blurred like that. I love that mental age...

  3. Bob would be VERY correct! Green frosting does make the poops green. :) Smart little man.

  4. I'm dressing like a good guy today in honor of Bob and his Bobwise.

  5. Molly and Ella will attend as Ewoks if necessary.

  6. Warning: Blue Icing ALSO makes poops green. Wouldn't want to upset Bob, then again, I'm sure the copy from said revelation would be very funny and leave no permanent scars. Supporting Data: Had 7 yr old's party recently - Superman Cake - Blue Tights = Green Poop.

  7. Oh please, puleeeeeeeze! Mama as Princess Leia complete with the bagel hair don't. Puleeeeeeze!

  8. Some black frostings will make your poop green too! Bright, kelly green.

    I'm so glad that information FINALLY came in handy.

  9. I love the conversations. Little gems.

  10. uh, duh? Oh and I'm with him on the green frosting.

  11. You better post a picture of you as Princess Leia with anything but green frosting cake.