Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Even Hutts Have Issues

Bob sat with MeeMee (my mom) as they looked at one of the Star Wars books that he had brought home from the library.

"Ol' Jabba the Hutt sure looks like he needs to go to the dentist with those teeth," said MeeMee.

Bob said, "Those aren't teeth, MeeMee. That's where he breathes through and he doesn't ever smile because he has to deal with the anger."

"Well I guess he must be pretty angry."

Bob thought for a moment and then held MeeMee's hands and placed her palms on his cheeks. He said, "I love you MeeMee and I sure would miss you if you died."

MeeMee kissed him on the forehead.


  1. Definitely want to bring him home with me.

  2. I swear, he got an extra dose of sweet when he was born.

  3. Oh, precious Jesus, but that boy is something else. No wonder you're prematurely nostalgic (my new favorite phrase, thanks to you.)

  4. Oh, Bobby, how you break my heart. In a wonderful, wonderful way.

  5. Ooooof. Got me right in the heart-nads. Love.

  6. Dearest Bob, you have the ability to melt my heart -- even on tax day!

    God love him, Lisa! You too!

    P.S. Happy and safe travels