Sunday, April 18, 2010


While I was out of town over the weekend, I spoke to Bob on the phone a number of times. I let him know that my friend Wendi had been kind enough to pass along to him, some Star Wars costumes that her boys had outgrown. When I returned home, Bob tackled me, told me that he loved me and then immediately asked for the costumes. Jeff and I watched as Bob pulled each piece out of my suitcase.

"Mama! It's Darth Vader's mask!"

"That's right."

"It's Yoda's Jedi cape!"


"Look at all of it! There's a Storm Trooper thing!"

"I know. How great is that?"

"You are one lucky guy, buddy," said Jeff.

I followed Bob as he carefully carried a Storm Trooper mask to our bedroom. He stood in front of our full length mirror, adjusted the mask over his face and quietly said, "Yes... Oh yes."

We returned to the living room and Bob noticed a brown paper shopping bag near my suitcase. "What's in there?" he said.

"That's for you too, honey. You can take it out of the bag. Daddy can help you."

Jeff said, "Hey Bob, check this out."

"It's a wood board with magnets?" said Bob

"I found it for you at a toy store in the airport. It's called a Responsibility Board. It's to help keep track of all of your family jobs," I said.

"Thanks, Mama. Which jobs?"

"There are a lot of jobs to choose from but let's see they have here. Okay, there's Take Care of Pet, Make the Bed, Set the Table, Take out the Trash, Empty the Dishwasher..."

"When we're all done living then we die?" Bob asked.

"Wow. I guess you're not into the Responsibility Board," I said.

"He's so not into it he preferred to change the subject to death," said Jeff.

"Can I put on the Yoda Jedi robe, mama?"


"And Mama? We don't have a dishwasher."



  1. The "Yes...Oh Yes" killed me. But the whole "hey look over there it's death" redirect was truly awesome.

  2. Awesome. Just awesome. I totally would have brought my kids a responsibility board and they totally wouldn't have been into it, either.

  3. Helpful of him to note for you, the one who does the dishes, that you do not have a dishwasher.

  4. LOVE the joy that these costumes brought him. We had some old "Bionicle" costumes that we gave to the neighbors across the street, and to see the little boy's eyes pop out when he saw what I had in my arms for him was heaven on earth!!

    Loved the "Yes..Oh yes." Looks like your day is all planned..

  5. Thank you, and tell your kid thanks from me, too. Ya'll cracked me up!

  6. "Yes, oh yes."

    And I hope Wallace liked them, too.

  7. Wow, what a redirect...I see a future as a White House press secretary.

  8. When I read this post this morning I was so happy for Bob! I don't even know him but I was just so excited for him and those costumes knowing how elated he was. And yeah, whatever about the "responsibility board"...

  9. Ha ha ha!! Awesome. Now Bob did NOT really say that did he? He's one brilliant little dude that one.

    Maybe you can tell him he can do his chores with his Darth Vadar mask on!


  10. He has the Jedi wisdom! Chores = death.

    (It was great to meet you this weekend at the EBWW!)

  11. This was so funny it made my sides hurt! I will never read this to my child. He may get an idea of how to change the subject too!

  12. I seriously just spit out my gingerale (and my nose might sting a little from it coming out there too...) :)
    Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Shaking head in Bob magnificence...

    "Responsibility board" sounds like almost as fun a gift for kids as "sweater vest"