Monday, July 12, 2010

A Little Shut Eye

When Bob was very tiny he spent many evenings backstage in nightclubs. He had some time in front of an audience. He spent hours inside recording studios while band members took turns holding him. He learned to sleep through any situation involving live music.

It's been a few years and now Jeff's back playing music again. His new band was in the studio recording over the weekend. Bob and I stopped by for a visit. We sat in the booth and listened. By the end of the second song, Bob was sleeping like a baby... a baby Bob.


  1. Growing up my parents took me to see a lot of classical music. My Grandparents took me to concerts in NYC at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Barge music--you name it.

    No matter where I was or how expensive the ticket I was always sound asleep by 9pm.


  2. So nice... Pavlovian, indeed.

    Let's hope he isn't narcoleptic during his clubbing years.

  3. Let's face it. Bob knows The Secret; Sleep is severely under-rated.

  4. My two oldest grew up feeling as comfortable in bars while their daddy's band was tuning up and doing sound checks as they did at home.
    It's worked out well.

  5. Sleeping during music is heaven. I bet Bob can sing pretty well, too.