Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Soccer Camp: Monday

"Ch. Mom we are late for Soccer Camp. Ch. Mom, where are we going? Ch."

"Babe? What's with the 'Ch' noise?"

"Ch. I am talking into my finger phone, see? Ch. It's my finger but it is a phone and it makes that noise when I talk to you. Ch. Where are we going, Mom? Ch."

"Soccer Camp is at a different place than it was in June. I couldn't find the email they sent with the new location."

"Ch. So we are just doing driving around and around? Ch."

"If it's not at the middle school than it's probably at the other middle school. Am I supposed to be making the 'Ch' noise too?"

"Ch. No. Ch. I don't want to do Soccer Camp this time. Ch."

"We'll find it soon, you'll have fun and it's already paid for."

"Ch. Okay I'll watch. Ch. I will be walking backwards the whole time though. Ch."


  1. SOCCER CAMP!!!!!!!!! (Imagine Elf doing bananas because Santa is coming into town. That's me with Bob and soccer camp)

  2. My job would've been so much more fun the past couple of years if I had only known walking backwards was the secret to making it tolerable! Never too late to start, though...

  3. Ha! now that you know what soccer camp is REALLY about, I can tell you will find it....you WILL find it..Ch.

  4. CH I'll have to talk to you later... my finger phone always goes out when I'm in the canyon. CH

  5. I had a feeling he wasn't gonna love the 2nd installment of soccer camp. I love how he's solved the problems with actually having to play. Walking backwards is what I do when I really don't want to be somewhere. Rock on Bob.