Thursday, July 8, 2010

Violet, Less Blue

She was very thin when she got here and it wasn't because of a lack of available food. She was sad and had been living alone in the old green craftsman for four months. She had company a few times a day but it was no substitute for her lady. She missed her lady.

She's been with us for 10 days now. She has stopped hiding behind the washing machine. She lets us pick her up and hold her. She follows Bob around the kitchen. She will touch noses with Daisy the dog and has patience with our crabby, black cat, Pearl. She eats four times a day and she's gaining weight. She likes to talk and she likes to listen and she likes to hear her name. Violet, VeeVee, Violetta, Vi: she answers to all of them.

Jeff used to be allergic to cats.
I used to think I was a dog person. (Don't tell Pearl.)
And now?
Violet is ours and we are hers.


  1. Sometimes love IS all you need.

  2. :-D
    Stories like this make my heart happy.

  3. OK,'ve got me......a little tear is trickling down my cheek and I am all choked up. What a sweet, tender blog. Good luck to you and Violet. God bless.

  4. Bless you for taking in this poor sad kitty and giving her love. It reminds me of our dog Mopsy, who belonged to my in-laws, but in the space of four years, lost them both. It took her a long time to adjust after she came to live with us, and she still has a great deal of anxiety when we leave the house, but she's finally gotten to the point where she will give us kisses (if she's in the mood).

    Animals who have lost their people need lots of love, and I'm glad to hear that Violet was lucky enough to get such a great new family.

  5. Oh sweet little Violetta, you are such a lucky kitty. The entire Rosenberg clan, Pearl included, are extraordinary people. You will be very happy there. I promise.

  6. Will you adopt me too?

    Oh wait, you already did.


  7. What a good egg you are, Lisa. My goodness... I love you.


  8. I love the title and I love this little furball.

  9. I miss Eric the red :(

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  11. We didn't have pets when I was young. But I knew I wanted to be a mom and that my kids would greow up comfortable with animals. So well before there was a baby anywhere on my personal horizon, I adopted my
    little, skinny, broken toothed, scratched up, dehydrated street fightin' handful of bones. Then she adadapted (to our laps) and developed into a purring, non-meowing little meatball with feet. Kind of a tiny cat hassock with stubby legs. Now, 17 years and inevitable thyroid issues later, we have our skinny little gal back. She takes some daily meds, and walks like I do in the morning, but she's still my sweet baby. And my daughter has gotten to know her, so that's a big unexpected joy.

    August 27, 2010 8:13 PM