Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Making a List

"So Mom? For Hanukkah I want the Star Wars MTT set. MTT stands for Multi-Troop Transport. It comes with battle droids and a separate troop carrier, two blue pilot droids, two red security droids---"

"Bob? I need to interrupt you for a second. The thing about making a list for Hanukkah or Christmas is that you need to know that the list is just things you like, it's not an order. It doesn't mean you will get everything on the list."

"Okay, Mom."

"And you may get a gift that is not Star Wars related."

"That's okay. I like transformers too."

"Someone might get you something that is neither of those things. It's important to be grateful and appreciative of anything someone is thoughtful enough to pick out for you. We need to understand the importance of giving not just getting."

"Mom? Can we talk about something else now?"


"So, like I said, it comes with two red security droids and it also has a droideka."

"I thought we were talking about something else now."

"No, I just wanted you to."


You guys? I am part of a new weekly column situation over at The project is called Voices of Main Street. Every week the folks over there throw out a question to a small group of writers and we each answer it. Check it out and leave a comment over there to let me know what you think.


  1. LOL, Bob is the champion of getting a conversation going the way he wants it!

  2. Love that-- he just wanted you to. Ha Ha Ha!!

  3. Too too cute! Been following for a little while now and this is my first comment! LOVE this!! My daughter's almost 5 months old.. I can't wait till I get to have convos just like this one with her.. Gotta love that Bob! You should make shirts or something.. Sell them on here.. I bet you'd get some takers! lol

  4. He's a determined little man, isn't he?

  5. this is classic. you have one clever boy there!

  6. Bob is hysterical! I think I may use that line today at work...

  7. Oh my WORD!! Absolutely hiLARious!!!

  8. He is wonderful

    Congrats on your new group, and I am on my way over.

  9. OMG that kid is smart.

  10. I hope Bob hangs on to his honesty for as long as possible

  11. Lisa, I love this post, I just told my wife it reminds me of the conversation she just had with our oldest son about his wish list that is full of Toy Story Lego sets. I am also one of the bloggers that does the Voice of MainStreet too. You had a great piece. Looking forward to reading more.

  12. HAHAHAHAHA! "No, I just wanted you to..."

    I'm so jealous of kids. How often have I wanted to say that to someone, but my grown-up sense of decorum holds me back...


  13. This is great. And I am much less confused now than I was a while back when you were talking about taking your pets to church... because when I first started reading here I thought you were Jewish (it was the last name), but the pet thing made me think Catholic, so now I realize you have some kind of blended household, which I TOTALLY get.

  14. Oh Bob, I am wishing you a very Star Wars holday season. Something tells me that when the time comes, he will like any and everything he is given. And I keep trying to have this conversation with Clark, that a Christmas List means things he likes not things he will get, that he will not get everything on it, that he will get things not on it, to be appreciative and thankful and? It is totally lost on him.