Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good Stuff to Have When You Are Sick By Bob Rosenberg

1. Something for wiping your runny nose besides your hand and pajammies shirt.
2. Those little ice cream sandwiches that taste like s'mores.
3. A special bed that your mom sets up for you on the TV couch.
4. Stuffed animals and Captain Rex.
5. Your cat should check on you.
6. Juice in the special cup that has the guitars on it.
7. Batman books from the library.
8. The medicine that tastes like purple.


  1. Hope it's the last cold this year. Even when you still lay on the floor, colds are no fun.

  2. We totally need to get these things at Grady Hospital. Bob should be on the board. :)

  3. I love purple too. My husband and I drink "purple water" sometimes, which means we add grape flavoring to our water. ;)

  4. the medicine that tastes like purple. interesting... btw- i'm probably the only person on earth who finds Buckley's good tasting

  5. Those things should all be on prescription. Oh, and maybe some tomato soup for if and when...

  6. Mooch is now sleeping on couch cushions on the floor, so I better get on the stick. She spit up the blue medicine, so I have the purple on standby for when she wakes up. Thanks for getting this all down for me, Bob. Hope you feel better very soon. Warm ginger ale? Somehow that was always on my list when I was little.