Sunday, February 26, 2012

Smacksy Sunday Links

These photos of couples wearing each others clothes are oddly compelling.

I had a great time this week hanging out with my lovely pals Lisa Arch and Kim Tracy Prince on my friend Dr. Tina Bryson's show, The Intentional Parent. We talked mommy blogs, raising boys, and boobs and stuff.

And 48 pictures that perfectly capture the 90's.

Happy Sunday.


  1. To me, the 90s just seemed like a really long, really bad extension of the late 80s. Ugh.

    And, is it just me, or does anyone else think that some of the guys in those switching photos look better in the women's clothes than their girlfriends do?

  2. So clothes really do sort of make the man, right?
    I LOVED that link.

  3. the pic with the man wearing the white coat...

    i think the coat actually looks better on the female.

  4. You find the strangest things on the interwebs. Could someone please explain to me why the kids have brought the 80s back? Wasn't it awful enough the first time around? Why would anyone intentionally make themselves into that horror? I bet Bob could explain it all perfectly!