Wednesday, September 21, 2016

12 Years Later

Today Mr. Rosenberg and I celebrate the 12th anniversary of our very first date. How will we honor this auspicious occasion?

This morning I ducked out of a PTA meeting a little early to go to a doctor's appointment. When I returned home, I put in a few loads of laundry and did the breakfast dishes.

Mr. R. left early for work, tonight he'll be working late and I might be asleep by the time he gets back.

Bob went to school today, then hung out with his friends and will do some homework. He'll feed the dog and the fish. We might go by the orthodontist to have her look at a wire that's come loose from Bob's braces.

This itinerary might not sound like a celebration but it is. This is a glorious celebration of a regular day in a life we have built together. Our marriage, our son, our home, our pets, these are all the byproducts of one fortunate date on September 21, 2004.

It's a good day. It's a good life.

(And on Saturday night Mr. Rosenberg and I will go on another date.)


  1. That's a beautiful day! I adore you guys and that picture!

  2. The by-products of your very first date are STELLAR! As well, your cool glasses and Mr. R's top hat in the photo are so funny! It is such a good life. Have fun on Saturday.

  3. To me, this is the perfect celebration. <3