Sunday, September 4, 2016

Smacksy Sunday Links

The Unprocrastination Challenge. This will be good for so many things.

Extreme downsizing.

Miracle Messages - reuniting the homeless through social media.

Dressing in late 14th century armor. 

Elderly married couple committed to dressing exactly alike.

And the 33 fluffiest animals on the planet.

Happy Sunday.


  1. The procrastination link is interesting to me - and I clicked right to it. What struck me, though, is that to me it's not so much about procrastination but about how challenging it now is to just focus on one thing for more than 30 seconds. I mean, in the "old days" sitting for minutes on end - hours, even! - was just called "working," right? I get so frustrated with myself that it can be a challenge to concentrate on something for a short period of time without my attention flitting away. Maybe it's time to peel my eyeballs off the Internet and redirect them into reading and the real world...? Anyway, as you know, I love your Sunday links - they always make me think, grow, and smile... Happy holiday weekend!