Friday, September 2, 2016


Last fall, I had a mammogram. I was then told I needed a follow up diagnostic mammogram. Further, I needed an ultrasound. My results were inconclusive and I was to come back later, next year. That later was yesterday.

I had yet another diagnostic mammogram and another ultrasound. As I reclined on the table for the ultrasound, not moving, with my right arm over my head, the technician let me know I was, "doing a good job." A good job of what, exactly? I wondered what a bad job would look like. Twitching? Excessive wiggling? The test took no more than five minutes. I checked out just fine and the radiologist could see no problems. Exhale.

This is sort of about wrapping up my little story from last year, but it's more about you. It's a reminder for you to get your tests done. Men, this means you too. Depending on our ages and previous outcomes, we all have things to attend to. My next stop? Colonoscopy. I probably won't write about that one. If you're lucky.


  1. You'd BETTER write about it! (So glad you checked out fine...)


  2. I was holding my breath until I got to the end of your paragraph. Whew! Coincidentally I just got a reminder from my Obgyn today. And if Katie Couric can do it, why not you? Lol.

  3. Of course everything was fine. I had no doubt. The change in my voice and sniffing is obviously allergies. I was never worried.