Thursday, May 31, 2018


"Can we get in the bed now, please? Not that I'm not enjoying this (hard) wood floor and (thin and not at all comfortable) rug. I could crawl up on the (softer than hard wood/thin rug) couch but then I'd just have to move again to the (so comfy, so delightful) bed when you're finally ready and can we just go now (like, right now) please? I'm imploring you with my (big, brown) eyes. Bed? Did you say bed? You don't have to ask me twice. I'm right behind you. And this time, I promise not to take over all of the covers (but I can't be held accountable really for what I do in my sleep) and will snore only in a sweet, dainty fashion (obviously). It will sound like purring (sort of) with just maybe the smallest snort-y nose sound now and again. Also, can you roll over a bit? Nevermind, I'll just gently move you (slam my body against you) to where I would rather you be. G'night. Sleep tight. (Whatever that means.)"