Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Miracles Do Happen

In the almost year since Levi joined the family, we've been dealing with his anxiety issues and some aggression and his sincere daily threats to dismantle our mail carrier. Any gardener with a leaf blower, street repair crew, garbage truck, people parking in front of the house, people parking across the street, people walking their dogs, people not walking their dogs, and squirrels would send him into a raging panic.

We knew we would find an answer, we jut had to keep trying. We enlisted the help of a number of terrific trainers, a dog behaviorist, and a dog psychic. We tried four different supplements and two different anti-anxiety meds and CBD oil. We tried a pheromone collar and a collar that buzzed when he barked. I was open to trying anything and had faith we would figure it out.

A couple of weeks ago a package arrived in the mail from China. It was an dog anti-barking device cleverly named, "Dog Anti-Barking Device." I vaguely remember ordering this eight dollar item about six weeks ago from a Facebook banner ad. It's a plastic remote control looking thing with one button on it. The directions were in Chinese but I understood that it took a nine volt battery. It makes a high pitched noise that humans can't hear, but apparently dogs can. My job was to push the button when the dogs barked.

I put in the nine volt and waited for my opportunity. The UPS guy parked his truck in front of the house and Teddy and Levi ran to the window and lost their minds, barking like mad. I pushed the button. They stopped barking immediately. Teddy quietly walked out of the room. Levi walked to the chair I was sitting in and put his head in my lap.


I used it three more times over the next two days when they barked with the same result each time. And then, AND THEN, I haven't had to use it since. At all. They no longer bark. Levi doesn't have panic attacks. This cheap plastic behavior modification system has changed our lives. I am forever grateful to the makers of 狗反吠器.

Witness the transformation here:

*This is not a paid promotion.


  1. I tried this. Abbie immediately ran to me and tried to attack the device. The device sends her into a rage. Along with the mail carrier, trash truck, other dogs, random people, and diesel trucks. Oh, forgot the worst one - skateboards. Sigh. My special girl.

  2. Hysterical! I need to share on facebook!

  3. What a find! Amazing that this little device was the "magic button"!

  4. I need this. I have several dogs and the smaller ones are yappers. I haven't had a good night sleep in years.