Thursday, May 17, 2018

It Was a Thursday Morning

Your day starts out like this.
Your husband announces we are out of coffee so he made a large pot using the espresso instead. You actually do have coffee - a whole new bag - but because you are so behind on your life, the new coffee is still sitting in one of the bags of groceries you bought on Monday (and now it's Thursday) and you still haven't unpacked.

You have a busy morning and as you go about your busy business, you drink your usual three plus cups of coffee. But it's really espresso. And then everything goes sideways. You aren't thinking clearly and time seems speeded up.

You make a couple of quick, bad decisions about using the juicer and end up juicing everything in the house. You are completely out of control and talking to yourself and getting juicer sludge all over the counters and cabinets. There's an unpleasant incident involving an overripe grapefruit. And what is happening why is it happening why can't you stop juicing things?

Then you remember that you've consumed a gallon of espresso. What you have going on doesn't feel like caffeine jitters, but rather some next level caffeine thing where you're losing your entire mind maybe.

Next, you do the best thing you know how, you flee the house and go with a friend to somewhere impossibly beautiful and wait for your head to land back on your shoulders. And it totally does.