Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Thing I Did Not Make Up

As Jeff was getting dressed for work this morning he said, “Did you have that restaurant The Ground Round out here growing up or was that just in the mid-west?”

“It doesn’t sound familiar. We had a place called Bonanza that had pictures on the walls of Lorne Greene, and young Michael Landon, and you know, Hoss. Was it like that?"

“No. They had these bowls of peanuts at the tables and you were encouraged to throw the shells on the floor.”


“Our house is like that.”

"You did not just say that."

"What? I didn't mean it in a bad way."


  1. We had Ground Round out here on the east coast and yup, I'd probably be offended too. I once found an address label under my potatoes at a Ground Round.

  2. Here's the thing about husbands. They don't get that ANY time they make a comment about a messy house they are taking a potshot at our very souls as women. Did you hear, "Our house is like that" or "You are a terrible housekeeper"?

    Me, too.

  3. Santa Clara CA had a similar restaurant on Stevens Creek and Woodhams called By 'Th Bucket. In the early 70's and into the 80's you got a bucket of clams and a bowl of peanuts at your picnic-like table. Diners would throw the shells of the peanuts onto the cement floor.

    Now it is a 5 star restaurant, much different decor, serving steaks and fresh seafood. I think it is derived from Britain / England (not sure though).

  4. I vividly remembered watching a reel-to-reel of The Man who Was A Dog (or whatever that Disney movie was where the guy turned into a dog--The Shaggy Dog?) at a birthday party at The Ground Round.

  5. I LOVED the Ground Round! Was almost giddily happy that I could be as messy as I wanted with no penalty. And got a kick out of the silent movies projected on the wall. That, plus I could throw peanut shells at my siblings. :)

    Hopefully, Jeff meant it in the 'we've got a relaxed, happy home' kind of way. But I have to admit, I'd hear it as a dig too. :) (sorry, Jeff!)

    -Sara Stapleton, high school classmate of Jeff's