Monday, October 5, 2009

Philosophy 101

Bob and Jeff were in the backyard yesterday playing wiffle ball. As always, it didn't take long before the conversation topic turned to poop.

“Daddy? Remember that time Daisy ate my poo poo?”

“Yes. I’m afraid I do.”

“When Daisy ate my poo poo and then she had a poo poo, was it still my poo poo?”

“Hmm. Kind of? It’s complicated.”

I think Bob’s philosophical question in the realm of subjective idealism takes a certain amount of excrement-y genius. Or he's just really opposed to sharing anything.


  1. I am completely obsessed with poop. It's an expected question from me for all of my children...and sometimes others' children.

  2. Nancy - I am now worried about your snacking habits. (You and Daisy should not have this much in common.)

  3. I always get a receipt whenever I go to a public bathroom.

  4. What a clever little mind. That process would have passed mosts adults .... although it is a little boy thing to be fascinated with poo and bum jokes. Especially sharing them at meal times.

  5. This is definitely not survey 101 course material.

    This is Master's Thesis material.

    I am intimidated.

  6. You are correct. He is going for a PhD in poo.

    We are very proud.

  7. In my house, nobody gets served their supper without a good poo joke. I admire his mix of the scatological with the philosiphical. He's welcome at my dinner table any time.