Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Germans Are Coming

As I pull my thrice re-heated coffee out of the microwave, Bob comes running into the kitchen.

“The Germans! The Germans!”

We don’t really know any Germans. So of course, I immediately assume that Bob is having some type of past life regression experience. (I’ve lived in Southern California a long, long time.)

“What Germans, Honey?”

“The Germans! They are here!”

Maybe time travel. I didn’t see The Lake House but I know the plot.

“Where Bob? Where are the Germans?”

Bob points to his head. I knew it. He has always had those “old soul” eyes.

“The dentist said I have to brush my teeth because there are Germans in there!”

“Germs, Bob. They’re called germs.”

“I need to brush now, Mama.” Bob wanders off to the bathroom.

I guess that explanation makes sense too.


  1. Let me know if he spits any lederhosen into the sink.

  2. I know this misses, the point, but I'm impressed. I've only ever twice reheated coffee.

  3. Yeah, Murray. I'm an over-achiever like that.

  4. Wait. Does this mean the long tooth brushing nightmare has ended?!

  5. When our son Sebastian was 2, the dentist told him that he had "Sugar Bugs" in his mouth. He did not find this very comforting in fact, it freaked him out. He would open his mouth wide to us and say "Ooo you eee aaee ugar ugs!!?? We had to explain that they weren't the kind of bugs that he knew about, at least not as big.

  6. Ben R's kid had MY experience! The dental hygenist told me about sugar bugs, too. She also gave me a pill to chew that would make me see them (i know, right?) But it was just some kind of infernal dye that stained all the plaque raspberry and it wouldn't come off. No amount of brushing or scraping. Not only was I scared to death of the bugs that wouldn't come off my teeth, but my whole mouth was dyed magenta.

    Not cool. Not cool at all.

  7. (my Captcha anti-bot thing just said "daing!" LOL!)

  8. Does this mean he's past needing his mouth pryed open to brush?

    Btw, if I only have to reheat my coffee three times, it's a good day.

  9. Still need to pry his mouth open. Still hates it. Still screams, "You hurt me in my gums!" when it's all over. He would prefer to do it himself. (This involves picking up the toothbrush and waving it in front of his face. "All done!")

  10. living in CA as long as I have, I'd have given him the same diagnosis