Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Child Is Hers

Portrait of Daisy by Bob Rosenberg

Before Bob was born, we were given excellent advice about introducing our new baby to the other baby, our dog Daisy. We had heard stories of jealous pets, pets who act out, pets who start turf wars with infants. We were hoping to avoid this. Our dog is very gentle but it was impossible to know exactly what to expect.

As instructed, when we brought Bob home for the first time, we left him outside and Jeff and I went in and quickly said hello to the dog without the baby. (Relax, little Bob was inside our locked yard, grandma out of sight standing guard.) Then we opened the door and let Daisy into the yard to "discover" the baby and then waited for her to come back and "tell us" about him.

She discovered the baby, her baby. He has been her baby ever since. Bob himself describes their relationship this way, "When I feel happy, Daisy is happy. When I am sad, Daisy is worried." She is a sweet Mama. (He crawled into the crate himself. I swear.)


  1. That is incredibly sweet!! As are the pictures of tiny Bob.

  2. Where can I get one of those crates?

  3. That is SO sweet. I just got goosebumps. sniff, sniff.

  4. That top picture is the best! I know he took it but seriously, I would, as a photographer, strive to get a fun shot like that. I can see it in black and white. I'd have fun with it. Go Bob!

  5. The furry can somehow discern who it is they are to protect and lick. It's not me. That honor belongs to the little one who gets into her face until she licks him and he giggles like a little girl. Which he's not.

  6. This is the most heartwarming thing EVA!

    And then I try to picture MY dogs "discovering" the baby and I just shiver in horror...