Thursday, January 6, 2011

Guy Stuff

"So, Mom? The girls at school all watch the Barbie movies and they talk about them all the time."

"Oh yeah?"

"And I don't like it."


"Barbie is a girl show. I don't want to talk about girl shows."

"Girl shows can be fun too."

"Well I don't like them. I like Max and Ruby."

"About the sweet bunnies? That's a boy show?"

"Max is a boy bunny. Guys are into that."


  1. And my husband hates Barbie shows but is quite happy to watch shows about Bambi for hours at a time. Of course, Bambi is being hunted and shot.

  2. Six pretends he doesn't like Dora. Yesterday he said "I'm only going to watch a TINY bit" 2 episodes later...

  3. Well of course boy bunnies are acceptable for boys to watch...


  4. Mine informed me last night that he likes to play with the Barbies at pre-school "because they have boobies."

    We might be in trouble.

  5. That Bob, always willing to compromise. Max & Ruby is obviously a more universal show, lending to cohesion within the Battle of the Sexes.

  6. Yes, my guy is also into Max and Ruby! Max can hardly get a word in edgewise with Ruby doing all the yapping and bossing around. Well, they might as well get used to it early, I suppose...

  7. Mooch has the same sled, but hers isn't on a leash.

    She was given a Barbie by a family friend and her brain almost exploded since she fears/hates Barbie but knew she was supposed to be appreciative.

    Barbie makes movies? I hope she keeps her clothes on.

    I like Max fine, but that Ruby is a pill.

  8. Tell Bob that I don't like Barbie, and I'm a girl...but I love Max and Ruby.

    Does he love Little Bear, too?

    I still love sweet, peaceful Little Bear.

  9. Sophie is obsessed with Max and Ruby so the boys end up wandering in and watching it by accident. Then come the questions. "How old are they? Do they live alone? Where are their parents?"
    Questions so good we all went to computer and googled them (3 and 7, no parents but their Grandma checks in on them every so often).

  10. I don't get that about Max and Ruby either...they are always alone. I've done posts on this...I could go on for a very long time. I must stop now.