Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh, My

Everyone's in a mood.

"But Mom! I want to watch another show!"

"I'm sorry, Bob. TV time is over for today."

"But just one Kipper!"


"Mom. I am calling the police so that they can take you away."


"You're having a bad manners. You should go in your room and think about it, Mom."


  1. have you think about it? hahahaha

  2. Did you beat him?
    (Just kidding.)
    My daughter once said she was calling child protective services on me because I put her on time out in her room. I offered to dial the phone for her.

  3. Zach picked his nose yesterday and had a nose bleed. (Not uncommon.) As I was cleaning him up, I asked if he was in his room (hard wood) or mine (carpeted.) His (wise ass) older brother chimes in, "Mom, you need to be worried about your son and not the carpet."

    I almost needed the police called on me for sure.

  4. I'm often having a bad manners. I am obviously lacking a four-year-old to call me on it.

  5. There were times when I wanted a time out! To take me away...hehehe!

  6. Don't take it to heart. My children call the cops on me every single day.

  7. Will he call up and send me to my room to think about it too? Can I nap about it instead?