Monday, January 31, 2011

Sweet Math

"Can I have two cookies, Mom?"

"No, babe."

"One cookie? Can I have one?"

"No. It's bedtime, Bob."

"Okay. How about zero cookies?"

"That's fine."

"Good... How many is zero?"

"Zero is the same as none."

"Mom? That didn't work out so good for me."


  1. Dude, there's not a lot of value in nuttin'!

  2. Ah yes. Sometimes learning the truth can be so disillusioning..... :)

  3. Mmmm. The concept of zero- a very sophisticated one, mathematically speaking.
    I think Bob has grasped the concept.

  4. Zero sounds so awesome. I was disappointed too as child when I found out it meant nothing.

  5. Lisa, Bob had me laughing out loud AGAIN! I'd love to see all of his greatest hits in a book (Can't you just imagine it?). Hugs to you both.

  6. That's awesome.
    I remember my dad tricking me into doing homework for an hour.
    First he'd tell me to work on it for 60 minutes, which seemed like forever to me. Then he asked, "okay, how about ONE hour?" I fell for it every time until I realized there were 60 minutes in an hour haha.

  7. Laughing out loud at this one. . . .

  8. He is a ray of sunshine (even during a Midwestern blizzard!)