Monday, January 11, 2010

Answer #8

I've been answering these questions from Dera's meme for the past week and the one I've had the most difficulty with is this one: If Santa could bring you something this year, what would that special something be? I'm not trying to be difficult here and I don't want to be a dick about this but, Santa - I can't really come up with anything. I am set up. I want what I have.

I've got faith and adventure, friends and family and the waves of highs and lows that come with having a full life. I have some empty pockets in my heart where I miss certain people, and animals and places but the emptiness is a result of the great fortune of having once known and loved them all. There is sunshine and clouds and the smell of fireplaces burning.

I have an education and enough to eat and a place to live and so very much more than many people in this world, especially many women. There is health here and hope and help and purpose. I enjoy companionship and laughter and understanding and tears and the time to enjoy it all. There are books and movies and poetry and television, the internet and travel and people who like swapping stories. I have memories and photographs and home movies and friends who will fill in the gaps when I can't remember all the details. I am on a first name basis with many dogs. I have the sweetest husband. I have an astonishing son. There are fresh peaches here, even in the winter.

So, I'm good, Santa. Thanks for asking.


  1. The best!!
    ps. Santa may still bring you things

  2. That's a wonderful outlook. :)

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