Friday, January 22, 2010

Wild Parrots and Wood Floors

When my mom moved last year, I got custody of a number of large plastic bins containing artifacts from my childhood. Handling the toys and books and records belonging to much-younger-me, so many childhood memories resurfaced. My first hazy recollections are from my third and fourth year.

Bob will be four years-old in May and I wonder what he will remember from this time in his life.

Bob, will you remember…

…the sound of the flock of wild parrots that flies over our house everyday around four o’clock?

…playing the drums with your father?

…the weight of my bracelets that you like to pull out of the jewelry dish and line up on the windowsill?

… this week’s preferred reading: Llama Llama Misses Mama?

…the sweet dog that follows you around the house?


…the fish mobile that swims in the air above your room?

…the words to the Wonder Pets theme song?

…chasing waves on the empty beach?

...the Enchanted Railroad at Descanso Gardens?

…your great grandmother Sylvia playing the violin in our living room?

...rainy day hot cocoa?

...our secret handshake?

…falling asleep during dinner in a booth at the coffee shop?

Will you remember the feel of your quilts, the sound my shoes make on the wood floors, the smell of the redwood tree near the driveway?

I realize I have no say in this matter, and you really don’t either, but I hope they are all good things. I really do.


  1. That was lovely and full of good things to remember.

  2. Aw! This was so sweet! I'm all tearing up just thinking about what Beckett's 1st memories will be! Aw Bob! You have such a beautiful Momma!

    OK- I must be hormonal!!

  3. Beautiful.

    Karen Peterson Matchinga

  4. Thanks for the morning goosebumps and heartwarm.

  5. That was lovely, and now it is down in print, so someone has a way to remember it down the road! :)

  6. This was so beautifully written. I often wonder the same thing for my daughter, and like, I hope she remembers the sights, smells and sounds of so many good things.

  7. so beautiful. i'm sure he'll remember those things as well his own list of awesome memories that you never could have predicted. that's the beauty of having children. almost everything you think you can anticipate turns out different, but for the better.

    i'll take a cup of that rainy day hot cocoa please.

  8. Beautiful. Makes me think of my daughter at four (now 11). I think I'll go snuggle her.

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  10. that's so beautiful sigh tissue please

  11. this is lovely, lisa.

    i wonder this same thing, but then i think of my own early memories and how feeling-heavy they are. i think as long as my kids remember feeling cozy and secure i will be happy.

  12. What a wonderful post.

    Came over from bernthis. Happy to be here.

  13. I have wooden floor and your tips make me comfortable during the cleaning of them.