Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's Pronounced Yool Hoose

This was my answer to the question: Do you have Christmas lights up outside?
From Dera's meme at Casablanca.

I credit my green-milk-on-St.Patrick’s-Day mother for instilling me with a love of all things seasonal and holiday. My collection of holiday decorations (Christmas/Halloween/Easter/Haunkkah/Thanksgiving) is somewhat restrained (4 large plastic bins) considering what it could be.

I am the one hanging out with all the grandmas in places like Jule House of Solvang. In my other life, I’m one of the people on those HGTV Christmas specials with a different themed tree in every room of the house.

I took down our Christmas tree and outside lights on New Year’s Day, as I do every year. I missed them immediately. There are houses on our block that have up the house lights year round. I’ve heard of funny old ladies who keep up a Christmas tree all year too. I don’t believe that this Mrs. Rosenberg will be one of those old ladies, but never say never.


  1. I need to get on my lederhosen and get to the Jule House of Slovang. That looks like a party! Do they serve Glog?

  2. i'd leave christmas lights up and turn them on all year long if my husband would let me.

  3. One year my friends couldn't afford a Christmas tree so they found a tumble weed and decorated it. They loved it so much, it stayed until April.

    I will admit that I bought a smaller pre-lit tree after Christmas. That makes two. One for each floor.

    But it was on sale.

  4. we have fairy lights up around the house all year round. my boyfriend says we'll have to explain to the kids that when mummy and daddy were little you only had them at christmas.

  5. my parents were so the opposite. They were pretty much of the "why bother" set. What special memories of have of those times

  6. Bossy misses her tree already too. Oh wait, there it is, outside in the freezing cold, on the curb. Hi Christmas tree. Sorry.

  7. Wow! I like this lights! New Year is soon so it is time to buy some decorations for my New Year tree.
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