Thursday, January 21, 2010

Everyone Has Their "Thing"

You may have heard me mention my husband's deep affection for animals, specifically, puppies and kittens and tiny hedgehogs and any of the above wearing an outfit. While some guys might spend an evening surfing internet porn, this evening I found my husband watching The Chewing Hedgehog for the hundredth time.

Also caught him here: The Catorialist

He also found live streaming video of puppies here: SF Shiba
The puppies were sleeping. He watched this for a good six minutes, intermittently providing them with voice over.

And of course, the old standby: Cute Overload

If I ever want to see my husband again, I may have to put a parental control setting on Animal Planet.


  1. Nice to know that they freed that hedgehog from the shoulder of Drew Barrymore's Golden Globes dress and found him a nice family to feed him cheetos.

  2. We hedgehog sat for a week, and my gah they are the cutest things ever. I'm begging for one for my 40th birthday, as are my daughters.

  3. I have to admit that the chewing hedgehog is pretty darn cute! Kept Ben and I glued to the screen!

  4. Don't tell him that I murdered a hedgehog in cold blood last November when I ran over him in my van.

    Do you know how FLAT they get?

  5. Nancy. Please do not speak of it again. Especially if it was wearing an outfit at the time.

  6. I would much prefer to walk in on my husband doing the voice for a chewing hedgehog then porn....I think...

  7. it's official. you are my west coast me, and your husband is west coast terry. these sites are not only bookmarked, but given their own folder in the search bar of firefox. everymorning, without fail, terry grabs the remote and turns it to animal planet, where "america's funniest animals" can be seen, "just to help me wake up", so he says. children are still sleeping, by the way. and this video? we watched it together (so romantic) about 6 times after the kids went to sleep.