Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Haunted Star Wars

"Mama? I fixed the Halloween haunted house decoration to make it really scary with bad guys. Now it looks good and scary and everything. Oh, and Han Solo is there too so there's a good guy. And me, I am also good."

"Yes, you are."


  1. Why do I never get tired of this? Please Bob, stay 4 forever. . . .

  2. How on earth are we going to cope when he grows up??

    Great decorating by Bob :-)

  3. I had to click over to a close up of this to check out all the details.
    Great Job Bob! x0 N2

  4. I feel safer already knowing that Harrison Ford is there to ward off the goblins.

  5. Is Bob Rosenberg ever not good? Please tell me that once in a while a little demon takes over that boy and he does something...anything...which is a tiny bit evil.

  6. Wow, that's VERY scary!

  7. I agree with DG. I would be WAY too scary without Han Solo. :) Very smart of Bob to make sure it was a not too scary haunted house.

  8. Bob, when you are good, you are very very good. And delicious.

  9. Bob: The house is the least scary part of that decoration. Holy Moly, if I were Han, I'd be pretty scared. Not that I'd admit that, of course.

  10. If Han Solo and Bob are there, everything will be all right in the world.

  11. amazing!!! this will have my smiling the rest of the day :)

  12. ms. moon. have you read the post where bob warns his mother that he might throw a tantrum? does that count as evil?

  13. Hello there!
    I've been reading your blog for a while! It's been really interesting to read as I have a 3yr old little boy myself.

    I've been trying to get him in to the idea of Star Wars, and he's come to the conclusion that he likes it (having never watched it), that it's my favourite, and that he loves Lightsabers.
    I've told him I'm dressing up as a Jedi for Hallowe'en, which he thinks is cool, and when I asked him what he wanted to dress up as I got the following list... (in order)

    A Bin (I told him that was rubbish, then explained the pun)
    A Drink (He was looking at a bottle)
    A Train
    A Remote Control (Sky Remote Control to be precise)
    A Monster (But a Gruffalo would be too scary)
    A Tunnel
    A Marshmallow
    A Jug
    A scary Dragon

    Then he decided I was going to be a drawer. A drawer that has an arm to hold my lightsaber.

    While he was telling me all of this I was thinking of your blog!

  14. Please...don't let him grow up.

    My heart couldn't stand it...

  15. Please tell me that Bob is going to be Han Solo for Halloween.

  16. Han Solo <3333
    I should re-watch Star Wars, even if it's just to stare at him.