Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This morning I got a call from Bob's pre-school teacher. Bob had slipped and bumped his forehead on some wooden blocks at school. He was fine but would feel better if I was there.

"Mom, you can kiss the bump but don't touch it." Bob was crying as we ran back to the car through the rain.

"That's a pretty big lump you've got."

"It hurts. That's it. I'm quitting school. I'm never going back."

"Because you hurt yourself?"


"Poops, you're feeling bad right now and that's not a good time to make a big decision." I strapped Bob into his booster seat. "How about if we just make a small decision instead?"

"I'm deciding I will feel better at home today," Bob said as he wiped his nose on his sleeve.

"That's a good decision."

"Thanks, Mama. You know what?"

"What, Babe?"

"No one can stop the rain."

"That's true," I said and I kissed him on the forehead.


  1. first comment!!!!! oh yeah!!!!
    i love your son.
    could i possibly marry him?

    haha, just kidding.
    hes only a tad young =(

  2. Awww poor Bob... I wish I could gently kiss his forehead, too!

  3. Bob's right about that whole rain thing. Turns out snow, clouds, sun, and the moon don't like to be bossed around either.

  4. Bob for president, man. (Or at least governor of Georgia.)

  5. Not only is Bob precious and priceless, he has an amazing mother!!! Congrats to you for knowing just what to say!

  6. Who indeed will stop the rain? Thanks to Bob now I finally understand that old CCR song.


  7. The boy is wise beyond his years.

  8. Sometimes you've just gotta wait out the rain in your warm, cozy home with your mama.

  9. "I'm deciding I will feel better at home today."

    That bit just melted me. I hear you, Bob.

  10. Bob is so so cute.. and you are being an amazing mom to him.. I hope I could be like you someday! when I have my own bob

  11. Bob's right. I think I would feel better at home today, too.

  12. I just have to say that you and Bob Rosenberg are both very lucky people. And that I am charmed to the gills by you.

  13. Oh my gosh but you are a good mother.

    Adopt me, please...

  14. It's my first visit to your blog. I adore it! I have a nine-year-old son who sounds like Bob with his melt-your-heart expressions. Absolutely glorious, Lisa. Thanks so much for sharing him (and you) with us!

  15. Oh I'm SO stealing the advice about big/little decisions!

  16. Love the post, love the comment by Empress, am in awe of your big/little decision comment. Thanks.

  17. Bob is really wise, makes you wonder if he is still in pre-school.