Friday, October 8, 2010

Sea Change

"Mom? Do we come back?"

"Come back where, Poops?"

"Here. After we die, are we born again?"

"Well... we don't use the same body more than once, I know that. Some people think we come back as another person or maybe an animal. Some people think after you die your spirit moves on to someplace else, like heaven."



"Look. Our arm skin is the same color as each other."

"It is."


  1. Bob Rosenberg's mind is busy with all of the big issues and questions.

  2. I love that we both call our sons "Poops." I see it as a term of endearment. Even more interesting that your Poops is an old soul just like mine!

    Love how you handled that question, btw. Good answer!!

  3. I know that everything that Bob's ask are highly important... I love your son..

  4. Huh, I remember when my girls used to refer to people as being black, white, brown, yellow, red, even blue. They used hair color as the best way to describe other people. I can't remember when they began to notice skin color but it made me a little sad. I know it's part of growing up and only natural to observe the similarities and differences in the people around you.

    Bob seems, in his infinite wisdom, to notice the similarities over the differences. Good for you Bob!

  5. The world needs more Bob R's.

    -Other Bob

  6. My husband calls our kids Poops! Too funny.

    Love that Bob.

  7. Hey, I feel heartened that you too use the "some people think" construction. I do it to keep my cynical, when you-re dead, you're dead views away from my child. Because, after all, it's not like I KNOW I'm right, and it's so much nicer to think I'm not. That said, I can't lie. Thus "many people believe..." If it works to raise up Bob, it's got to be a decent strategy.

  8. arm skin? wow little kids do get off topic easily- so cute, i hope i have a child like yours someday