Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ready or Not

Bob and I were playing hide and seek: I count to 10 and he hides in the closet. This never gets old. For Bob.

"Where's my guy? Is he under the bed? No... Is he next to the window? No... Is he in the closet? Yes. There he is. I found him!"

"You found me. Now go count to ten again, Mama."

"...nine and ten. Where's Bob? Is he under the blanket? No... Is he behind the door? No... there he is. He's in the closet!"

"I don't want to be found right now, Mama."

"Okay. Well, I'll check back with you a little later." Five minutes passed and I returned to the closet. Bob was was laying on his stomach, head resting on his arms. "Hey, Bud. You alright?" He lifted his head and I could see he was crying. "Baby, what's wrong?"

"You never found me."

"I did. Then you told me you didn't want to be found so I came back later," I said.

"You didn't come back."

"I did. Look. I'm here right now." Bob rested his head back on the floor facing away from me. He lifted one hand into the air.

"Mom, please take this booger from me."

"Sure, Buddy."


  1. LtB, booger(s) and all, and Bob's Mom! x0 N2

  2. "take this booger" and a close second "mommy come wipe me" on the top of the list of things our teenage selves never dreamed we'd hear (or do).

  3. Awesome. The only bad part about this post is that it ended. :)

  4. i'm lonely right now, but i smiled upon reading the "booger"

  5. Ooohhhh...somebody hug that sweet baby! Your kids are so much cuter than mine; they would have been screaming at the top of their lungs "MOOOMMMM. Move your butt and come find me!"

  6. HA! Good one, Bob. Boogars gross me out to no end...I would have run away gagging. :-)

  7. Oh, that fine line between "I don't want to be found right now" and "You never found me." It's a painful one to navigate, isn't it, Bob?

  8. so maybe the boogey man we've all heard about was really just a booger man. and if you've seen nightmare before christmas boogey man is a familiar green.
    sad that bob was sad though.

    love you lisa

  9. My Austin will hold them up and say "A BOOGER!" Like it's the best surprise ever -- every time.

  10. haha Precious! I remember five minutes seeming like an eternity as a kid.

  11. awww he is so sweet, great blog...

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  12. Louis CK does a great stand up routine about playing hide and seek.
    Topper is ALWAYS handing me boogers. Must be a boy thing ;)
    Just started following and love it!

  13. Your son is delightful, he very is! But what makes this blog really great is the way you, his mom, tell us about his doings. So few words but so much said... Thank you for giving us that 'warm and fuzzy' feeling when we read about Bob. There is obviously a very special bond between you and Bob for you to capture these 'incidents' in such a way as to make them entertaining. There very is!

  14. what a doll. Hey, we found this video the other day and you were the first one I thought of. It's nothing new (just new to us) so you may have seen it but I wanted to pass it on just in may change Bob's life.
    Henry can't stop talking about it.

  15. booger! ha cute
    love that kid- it amuses me to check your posts once in a while
    why did you call it Smacksy?