Monday, June 1, 2009

Learn Something Already: Day 1

I recently read that it’s important for brain health to learn something new everyday. Because of the way my memory likes to let go of the important (my ATM pin code) and retain the unimportant (lyrics to Head Like a Hole) this could be challenging but it can’t hurt. (Can it? What if it hurts?) My goal this week will be to gain some new (possibly painful) piece of knowledge every day.

Day 1 has an article listing the 10 dirtiest things in your home. According to this list, the bathtub is the #1 dirtiest spot in the house. The HowToCleanStuff people can make this assumption only because they have not seen the amount of dog hair living beneath our couch. They go on to explain that there is more bacteria in the bathtub than in the toilet. (I have a bad smell look on my face as I type this.)

What I learned: I might be cleaner before a bath than after.

(Has this propelled me to rise above my laziness and procrastination to even rinse out the tub yet this week? No, but I’m not enjoying the bathing like I should which must count for something.)


  1. Ha! That's interesting. I wouldn't have guessed the tub as the dirtiest culprit. Good to know.

  2. With 2 Twin 16 year old boys and a 9 year old girl, I know exactly what you're saying!

    Can't Clorox just bring a truck out and do their thang?!

  3. Not good news for travelers!!!! how could a bath have more bacteria than poo unless one poo's in the bath?